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Plant Potting Services

Plant Potting Services

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Do you have a pot that's outgrown it's current pot? We're thrilled to introduce our plant potting services! Here's what you can expect from our service:

Service Details:

  • We'll inspect your plant for signs of pests or diseases. We will only pot plants that are free from pests and diseases and in a healthy enough state to handle being repotted.
  • Pruning will be done as necessary
  • Your plant will receive a preventive treatment to keep pests and fungus at bay.
  • We'll carefully clean the leaves to bring out their natural beauty.
  • We'll pair your plant to the perfect pot that is the correct size and has appropriate drainage (plastic nursery pot included).
  • Finally, we'll repot your plant with the appropriate soil, amendments, and fertilizer, ensuring it has the perfect home for continued growth.
  • A service appointment is required for this service!


  • Our prices start at just $3.99 if the plant's new pot is 4" or less.
  • For larger pots, it's an additional $2 per inch after the first four inches (measured across at its widest point if not cylindrical).
  • The price includes all soils, amendments, pest preventatives, and our expert services.
  • You may upgrade your pot to one of hundreds of ceramic or clay pots that we have in stock for an additional fee.
  • Installation of moss poles or plant stakes may have an additional fee. Please inquire if your plant will need a stake or moss pole.
  • Our service fee is waived when you buy a new plant and pot from us on the same day!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Zen Botanicals will conduct a preliminary inspection of your plant to assess its health and condition. We will make every effort to provide the best care during repotting. However, we are not responsible for pre-existing issues with the plant's health. Zen Botanicals may provide recommendations for plant care, including watering, sunlight, and maintenance. These recommendations are based on our expertise but may not guarantee specific outcomes. We will repot your plant with care, using appropriate soils and procedures. Zen Botanicals will not be held liable for any potential stress or changes in the plant's condition immediately following repotting. We do not provide a warranty or guarantee on the health or longevity of the plant post-repotting. Plant health is influenced by various factors beyond our control. Customers are encouraged to follow Zen Botanicals' care instructions and communicate any concerns promptly. Any issues or changes in the plant's condition after repotting should be reported within 7 days. Zen Botanicals' liability is limited to the cost of the repotting service. Zen Botanicals is not responsible for any damage caused to the plant or pot as a result from removing the plant from its existing pot. Pots may need to be damaged or destroyed in order to safely remove the plant. We are not liable for any consequential, indirect, or special damages. Zen Botanicals reserves the right to take before and after photos of your plant for record keeping purposes as well as promotional use on social media. If you do not want your plants featured on social media please let us know when you drop off your plants. By signing our intake form and availing of our services, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Any disputes or claims will be resolved through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, if necessary.

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The Zen Difference

What makes buying from Zen different than buying from greenhouses or big box stores?

  • Fast & Professional Shipping Year Round
  • High-quality plants sourced from the best growers
  • Exceptional customer service and free plant care advice
  • Inspected for pests regularly and treated when necessary
  • Unique and rare plant varieties not found in big box stores
  • Proper soil mixes tailored specifically to the plant
  • Get rewarded for shopping with us! (See Below)

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Returns and Weather Policy

We are committed to providing high-quality plants, plant accessories, gifts, and ensuring customer satisfaction. However, please note the following:

  1. Plant Sales Are Final: All plant sales are final. We do not accept returns or issue refunds. Any returns or refunds are only to be issued at the sole discretion of Zen Botanicals.
  2. Non-Plant Items Products purchased from Zen Botanicals come with a 30-day guarantee against defects attributable to the manufacturer, effective from the order date. Any items received in a broken or damaged condition must be reported within a 24-hour window upon receipt, in order to file a claim against the delivery service. Unless the mistake lies with Zen Botanicals, customers are responsible for all costs associated with returning the items.
  3. Weather Damage: We cannot be held responsible for plants damaged due to weather conditions or transit delays.
  4. Weather Forecast: We advise customers to check the weather forecast in Michigan and their home state before placing an order. This is to ensure plants are not exposed to extreme temperatures during transit.
  5. Heat Packs: We offer the option to add a heat pack to your order. However, please note that this does not guarantee safe arrival in extreme cold weather conditions.
  6. Order Timing: If you are concerned about weather conditions during transit, we recommend waiting until conditions improve before placing an order.
  7. Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We appreciate your understanding of our return and refund policy.