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Arber has a lineup of 4 products for garden care: Plant Food (3-2-1), Bio-Protectant, Bio Insecticide, and Bio-Fungicide. Plant Food is an NPK fertilizer that contains 3% Nitrogen, 2% Phosphate, and 1% Soluble Potash, derived from Food Protein Hydrolysate, Fish Protein Hydrolysate, Phosphoric Acid, and Potassium Sulfate. It promotes the growth and strength of plants, improves soil fertility and has a pleasant rosemary oil scent. Bio-Protectant contains 5% extract of Reynoutria Sachalinensis, a natural extract that effectively controls and prevents Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot, Rust, and Black Spot on roses. Bio Insecticide is a bio-insecticide formulated with heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 and spent fermentation media, safe for organic gardening and effective in protecting plants against Mites, Thrips, Aphids, and Whiteflies. Bio-Fungicide is a safe solution for organic gardening, containing Baciullus armyloliquefacients strain F727 Cells and spent fermentation. It has antifungal properties, controls and prevents fungal infections on plants and protects against a broad range of foliar diseases like Downy Mildew and Leaf Spot. All of them can be used on a variety of plants.

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